We are manufacturing HDF moulded wooden interior doors. Our doors are cheap, light, easy to install, paintable and prefered by customers all over the world.
Our price for HDF molded wooden interior doors is 15$ EXW Factory. Our price for door set (door panel+frame+architrave) is 33$ EXW Factory. This price is for our standard sizes 80cmx200cmx35mm and wall thickness is about 8 cm. For different special sizes, please feel free to contact with us and ask price.

We are located in Kastamonu/Turkey. We have 285,000 sqm of outdoor area and 12,000 sqm of indoor area. We have daily 1,000 doors of production capacity. Our company has about 50 years of experience in wood sector.



internal wooden door frames

internal wooden door frames


We are manufacturer of HDF molded wooden interior doors, adjustable MDF internal wooden door frames, PVC laminated wooden interior doors. MDF internal wooden door frames are adjustable, easy to fix to every thickness of door. MDF internal wooden door frames are not painted.

The price of door frame+architrave is 18$ EXW Factory Turkey.  This price is for interior wooden door frame for around 10cm of wall thickness. For more, price may change.



laminate cabinet doors



We are manufacturing PVC laminated wooden doors. Our doors are HDF molded wooden interior doors. After establishing timber frame, we put honey comb craft paper inside it. Then we put 3.1mm of HDF molded door skins. They are white primed, not painted. We are laminating wooden door with white PVC or colored PVC. White PVC laminated interior door is also paintable with color paints.

We can manufacture doors as per your sizes and designs. The thickness of PVC laminated interior door may be 35mm, 40mm or 44mm. Our door frames and architraves are suitable with door sizes.