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Hollow chipboard is a kind of chipboard which has tubes inside horizontally created. Besides we are calling hollow chipboard as tubular chipboard at the same time. Hollow chipboard is manufacturing as glueing small pieces of woods and presseing with high pressure and hot temperature.




Hollow particle board is about 50-55% lighter than solid wood. It is easy to hold, carry, fix, install, paint and use for anywhere. The cost of hollow chipboard is also lower than hard wood. Hollow core board is strength enough to use it.

We are also hollow core door manufacturers. Our factory is using hollow core particle board inside of wooden interior doors. Besides of it we can use inside of wooden doors as hard woods, honey comb craft paper or hollow board.

We use honey comb craft paper inside of HDF moulded wooden panel doors. The cost of door and weight of door is lower than hard wood.




hollow chipboard

hollow chipboard



We are also using particle board inside of doors. These doors are strong enough to use, lighter, cheap and fire rated doors. Hollow particle board is also has fire rated features.

We are one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of hollow chipboard sheets in Turkey. We have high technological machines and skilled workers to produce high quality hollow wood boards with competitive prices.

Our company is exporting our products to UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, UAE and some African countries. We have more than 50 years of experience in wood sector. We have 285,000 sqm outdoor and 12,000 sqm of indoor facilities. Our factory is located in Kastamonu city, north coast of Turkey. Kastamonu is full of forest to obtain good quality logs and timbers with lower cost from the governmental legal department. Government department is also able to give FSE certificate to these logs in required.

We are manufacturing and exporting HDF molded wooden interior doors, MDF door frames, adjustable architraves (door frame and architrave can cover with PP) hollow chipboard sheets.

Please feel free to contact with us and ask questions if you have any questions about hollow core wood panels. You can contact with us mail address mentioned below.



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