tubular chipboard


We are leading manufacturer company of tubular chipboard ( hollow chipboard ). Our factory is located in Turkey. Our indoor plant is 12,500 sqm and outdoor plant is 280,000 sqm. We have modern machines and equipments with skilled workers. We are in wood sector more than 50 years. We have good experience about solid wooden doors, solid furnitures, HDF molded wooden interior doors, tubular chipboard sheets, fire rated doors, tubular doors.


tubular chipboard
tubular chipboard



Tubular core chipboard is a kind of chipboard which has tube holes inside horizontally manufactured. During production of hollow chipboard core, we glued very small wood pieces and pressed with high pressure and hot weather. Chipboard sheets are about 50-60% lighter than solid wood timbers. Lighter chipboard sheets are easily cut, process, install and use. The cost of hollow core board is lower than solid wood. So customer prefers to use tubular chipboard sheets.

We are using tubular particle board sheets for manufacturing wooden interior doors, for separating rooms, walls and floors, and decorations. Chipboard sheets are using for isolating sound and heat.

Decoration companies uses tubular board sheets for arranging rooms, separating rooms and for floors. Veneered chipboard sheets are isolating sound and decrease consumption of energy for heating and cooling. Laminated chipboard sheets are very strong and can protect itself against any hazard for long time. It is easily paint with any colors. An other type of chipboard is melamine covered and veneered chipboard.
Our tubular board products are of high quality and a competitive price. Our factory is also manufacturing fire rated doors and tubular wooden doors. We export hollow core chipboard core products to UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates and some African countries. Our price is always competitive with world market prices and products has high quality to prefer.


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