Tubular Chipboard


We are a leading manufacturer company of tubular chipboard (hollow chipboard), Solid Chipboard, and MDF boards. Our factory is located in Turkey.

hollow core chipboard
hollow core board

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tubular chipboard
Tubular Chipboard


hollow core chipboard
Hollow Core Chipboard

Our Tubular Core Chipboard (Hollow Core Chipboard) Sizes are as below:

Thickness: 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 33mm, 35mm, 38mm, 60mm, 70mm, and others..

Width: 800mm to 1250mm

Length: Between 1800mm to 2500mm


tubular chipboard
Tubular Chipboard (Hollow Chipboard)

hollow core board
hollow core board


chipboard sheets suppliers
chipboard sheets suppliers

Our Solid Chipboard Sizes are as below:

Thickness: 30mm, 33mm, 35mm, 38mm, 60mm

Width: 1250mm (Width is stable and can not change)

Length: Between 1800mm to 2500mm

Our Tubular core chipboard (Hollow Core Chipboard) and solid chipboard indoor plant is 12,500 sqm and our outdoor plant is 280,000 sqm. We have modern machines and equipment with skilled workers. Our team is in the wood sector for more than 50 years. We have good experience with solid wooden doors, solid furniture, HDF molded wooden interior doors, tubular core chipboard (hollow core chipboard) sheets, fire-rated doors, and tubular chipboard doors.


We are a Solid Chipboard Sheets manufacturer and exporter company. We are one of the biggest tubular chipboard (hollow chipboard) sheet suppliers in Turkey. We have different sizes and thicknesses of melamine-faced chipboard. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


hollow chipboard
hollow chipboard

We can manufacture tubular chipboard (hollow chipboard) in the sizes a below

Thickness: 33mm, 35mm, 38mm
Width       : 1250mm ( width is stable and can not change)
Length/Height: Between 2000mm to 2150mm (or customers special size)
Quality     : E1 Grade
Quantity: 40hq container can take around 54m3 to 59m3 depending on sizes.
Weight       : About 420 kg/m3


tubular chipboard
tubular chipboard

Hollow Core Board is a kind of chipboard that has tube holes inside horizontally manufactured. During the production of a hollow core particle board, we glued very small wood pieces and pressed them with high pressure and hot weather. Hollow wood boards are about 50-60% lighter than solid wood timbers. Lighter chipboard sheets are easily cut, process, install and use. The cost of hollow core chipboard is lower than solid wood. So customer prefers to use hollow particle chipboard sheets.

We are using tubular particle board (tubular core board) sheets for manufacturing wooden interior doors, for separating rooms, walls and floors, and decorations. As a result, tubular particle board (tubular core board) sheets are used for isolating sound and heat.

tubular particle board
Tubular Particle Board

Decoration companies use tubular particle board (hollow particle board) sheets for arranging rooms, separating rooms, and for floors. Besides, veneered chipboard sheets are isolating sound and decrease the consumption of energy for heating and cooling. So, laminated chipboard sheets are very strong and can protect themselves against any hazard for a long time. It is easily painted with any color. Another type of chipboard is melamine-covered and veneered chipboard.

Hollow Particle Board
Hollow Particle Board

Our tubular board (tubular wood) products are of high quality and at a competitive price. Our factory is also manufacturing fire-rated doors and tubular board wooden doors. Of course, we export tubular chipboard core (hollow core chipboard) products to the UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, and some African countries. Our price is always competitive with world market prices and products have high quality to prefer.

How Do We Manufacture Professional Tubular Chipboards (Hollow Chipboard)

tubular board
Tubular Board

Particleboard is easier to use, lighter, and cheaper in cost than wooden products. Particleboard is produced by producing wood particles together with the adhesive under high temperature and high pressure. Because traditional wood is derived from trees, the width of the trees does not go beyond a certain length. For this reason, wooden boards were obtained by gluing wide but tall wood side by side to create wooden boards. Doors, tables, and cabinets produced in the past were obtained by this method. However, in tubular particle board products, we can use a very large one-piece board in terms of both width and length. This provides us with ease of use.

tubular core
Tubular Core

Hollow core door manufacturers buy our tubular board and use it in hollow core interior doors. Tubular board core doors are good for silence and fire retardant. Hollow wood boards are another kind of particleboard.

What Kind of Particle Boards Do We Have In The Market

Particle boards are denser than traditional wood. Despite this, it is the lightest and weakest type of chipboard except for the insulation board. There are many different densities of chipboard. Although MDF is a medium-density fiberboard, HDF is sold in the market as high-density fiberboard.

A major disadvantage of particle board is its susceptibility to expansion and discoloration from moisture absorption, especially when not coated with paint or another sealant. Therefore, people do not use much it.

In the 19th, plywood was invented as an alternative to natural wood. Plywood is made from thin solid wood veneers that are glued together with an adhesive. However, by the late 1940s, there was a shortage of lumber available to produce plywood economically.

We produce particleboard also known as chipboard from waste materials such as planing shavings, cuts, or sawdust, and mechanically produced wood chips. We glued the chips together and then squeezed them into a large board shape under heat. Then we dried them and cut them into various sizes for sale.

How Is Particle Board Manufactured In Factories?

Particleboard is a kind of wood board. It is produced with compressed wood particles.

We are chipboards sheets suppliers. We are chipboard sheets manufacturing company in Turkey. Our chipboard sheets factory is located in Kastamonu. Our company is a chipboard supplier which manufacture and export to the world.

First, they stripped the logs. Then cut the logs to a certain width and length. Then they sent these cut timbers to the chipper. The chipper cuts the lumber into very small pieces of wood.

How Does Wooden Chips Drying?

They are drying wood chips to facilitate gluing and hot pressing. The dryer reduces the moisture content of wood chips up to 2.5%. The core and surface chips can be dried to slightly different moisture contents. An alternative to rotary dryers is fast drying, which requires slightly lower drying temperatures.

Dry chips are mixed with synthetic resin and other suitable additives such as hardener or wax emulsion. Care should be taken when proportioning glue and chips. Surface chips may show different glue requirements depending on the variety of wood. Special requirements can be added at this stage, such as fungal or flame-retardant treatments. The type of glue used can also determine properties such as moisture resistance.

They place the glued chips in presses. And kept for a while under high temperature and high pressure. When the process is over, they take the products out of the press and left to cool. After cooling, they cut each panel and then sanded it to the desired thickness, resulting in a smoother surface.

As mentioned above, there are many variations and modifications at chipboards. It can be applied to improve its properties such as moisture resistance, fire retardant, or acoustic insulation.

In Where Do We Use Particle Boards And Tubular Particle Boards

The market often uses standard particleboard in furniture and interior door applications. As it is not suitable for areas prone to wetting or high humidity and is more cost-effective than solid wood.

Chipboard can be purchased bare or covered with thin veneer sheets or plastic laminate. While solid wood furniture is considered to be more attractive, while these materials can mimic the look of real wood, they are marginally less costly, so they can be a good alternative option when purchasing furniture on a budget.

Construction And Particleboard Relationship In The Market

When it comes to construction, particleboard is suitable for interior projects such as installing cabinet door hinges or interior wooden doors on the sides of frameless cabinets. Particleboard has the ability to hold screws in place. While other materials such as plywood can shed the pulleys when excessive weight is applied to the hinges.

However, to connect two pieces of particleboard, a regular screw won’t simply cut through – you’ll need to use adhesives, fasteners, or specially designed screws to hold the particleboards together.

Compared to plywood or solid wood, particleboard is less forgiving during the installation process.

KOLCAM AGAC company is our factory name. KOLCAM AGAC is our brand name. KOLCAM AGAC tubular chipboard (hollow chipboard) factory is the biggest hollow chipboard (tubular chipboard) factory in Turkey. KOLCAM AGAC hollow particleboard factory is the best hollow core chipboard factory in Turkey.

We are tubular chipboard sheets manufacturers. If you are looking for hollow chipboard manufacturers in the USA or outside of the USA please do not hesitate to contact us. Because we are tubular chipboard and solid chipboard sheets suppliers.

Besides hollow particle board manufacturing, we are also a manufacturer of hollow core interior doors. For hollow core door price please call us. Always first quality, best price, best service.

Solid Chipboard Sheets Suppliers In Turkey

We are solid chipboard sheets suppliers from Turkey. There are too many chipboard sheet suppliers (core board suppliers) in Turkey. We are one of the biggest solid chipboard sheets suppliers in Turkey. We are also a manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of tubular chipboards (hollow chipboard) and MDF ( medium-density fiberboards).

chipboard sheets suppliers
Chipboard Sheets Suppliers

Why Should You Choose Chipboard Products for Your Furniture?

chipboard manufacturers usa
Chipboard Manufacturers USA

Today, many products are used in the furniture industry. One of the most frequently used products in the furniture industry is solid chipboard. Solid core chipboard products are formed by processing sawdust obtained from wood through some processes. First of all, sawdust obtained from wood is combined with different chemicals. Then this mixture is pressed through.

This mixture, which is pressed through the process, becomes a sheet that can be used in furniture. Since the usage areas of particle board products differ, their thickness also varies at the same rate. The thickness of the particleboards used in kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, bathroom cabinets, and TV units are substantially different from each other.

chipboard manufacturers
Chipboard Manufacturers

For this reason, particle board products are produced in at least a few different thicknesses. Using solid chipboards has some advantages. Besides, there are some disadvantages of using core solid chipboard in everything else. For this reason, you should think to the finest detail and make even the finest calculations before deciding on the choice of furniture for your spaces.

Solid Chipboard Sheets Suppliers In Turkey

chipboard sheets manufacturers
Chipboard Sheets Manufacturers

We are solid chipboard manufacturers (core board suppliers), wholesalers, and exporters in Turkey. There is sort of particle board suppliers in Turkey. Some particle board suppliers are small companies. Some particle board suppliers are big companies. We are one of the big particle board suppliers in Turkey. Please feel free to contact us for more details about our products.

Solid Chipboard Manufacturers USA

chipboard suppliers
Chipboard Suppliers

There are lots of core board suppliers and chipboard sheets manufacturers in the world. In Europe, China, the USA, and other countries, there are too many chipboard sheets manufacturers. Solid chipboard sheets suppliers in Turkey produce high-quality products with low cost and competitive chipboard prices. Our solid chipboard prices are always competitive and low cost.

In Which Areas Is It More Correct To Use Particle board As A Furniture Material?

There are many products on the market as furniture material. However, solid chipboard is a more economical material compared to other furniture materials. Due to the fact that chipboard material is very economical, it has been a matter of preference by many people. There are lots of chipboard suppliers in the market. Some of them are producers, some of them are wholesalers.

However, some issues should be taken into consideration when choosing particle board material. Because solid chipboard material has some disadvantages. Particleboard material is less resistant to water and moisture than many other furniture materials.

For this reason, if the solid chipboard materials and products are exposed to water, they crust and swell in a very short time. As a result, the person or persons may have to replace the particle board material and product they have chosen as a furniture material. For this reason, chipboard products, which are preferred as economical, may cause you more serious economic problems.

If you want to use your chipboard products for many years and increase their service life, you should prefer to use your chipboard materials and products in areas that do not receive water and moisture. For these reasons, it would be better to use your chipboard material or products in areas such as bedrooms and TV units instead of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

How and How Much Budget Can Chipboard Products Be Reached?

Since chipboard has been produced as an alternative to premium timber for years, it has a very developed industry network. For this reason, if you want to develop or buy chipboard products, you can choose many companies, especially domestic companies. But it is beneficial not to be in a hurry. You should definitely check whether the companies you want to shop with have the necessary documents. In addition, you can ask these companies all your questions and decide on the answers you receive.

You can own chipboard materials and products through companies on the Internet.


People spend time in many places for both necessity and entertainment. One of the places where we spend the most time is homes and offices. For this reason, people want such places to create a warm environment for them. So what needs to be done? What solutions should be found? The solution is really simple. The solution should definitely be decoration.

Because decoration is the most creative key of an environment. You can create wonders with small changes to be made and simple accessories to be added. So how should the decoration be to work wonders? What should change? How much budget should we allocate? And how long should it spend? The answers to these questions that are worrying you are very simple. Before you get impatient, let’s answer your questions as follows:

Important things to change in your home or office are doors, cabinets, windows, coffee tables, etc. Such items are the most important parts of a space. Such items are never piles of wood in an environment. Such items are indispensable elements of creating a warm environment in environment.

But doors, cupboards, coffee tables, and so on. Before making your items such as a part of your decoration, you should focus on the items that these items are made of. Because an item made of different materials and items made of another material does not give the same temperature to the environment. So you should know the golden rule of decoration that you will understand. That golden rule is choosing the right raw material.

How Can Find Solid Chipboard Sheets Suppliers In Turkey

For finding solid chipboard sheets suppliers in Turkey, have to search on the internet. Our factory has long experience in manufacturing particle boards, tubular chipboard, and MDF sheets.

You should use the chipboard raw material in the purchase or production of this type of goods. Containers, cabinets, and coffee tables made of chipboard will make your entire space perfect in one snap. For this reason, you should place the chipboard in the center of your life. Then you will be amazed by the change seen in you and your place.

So why is the chipboard raw material so important? Why should it be at the center of our lives? Since chipboard consists of combining wood particles of different sizes, it can be produced and made in any desired size in article production. The price and cost of items made of chipboard are as very economical as possible. Cutting and assembling items made of chipboard is very simple. It does not change over time like the items made in other raw materials. It is an excellent raw material since many items made of chipboard can be used in many areas other than their intended use.

So how should chipboard, which should be used as raw material, be decorated in your spaces?

First of all, the first thing you need to do is to get to know your home or office, briefly your space. Decide whether your space is narrow or wide. Measure. Mow. Make up your mind. Pay attention to your lighting used lighting. Is the environment bright enough? Is it a sunny place? What is the color of other items in the environment? These are factors that need to be known.

Then, according to the above-mentioned factors, a decision should be made in consultation with a specialist. Decoration should be done. According to the frequency and colors of the items in the environment, you should replace all applicable items in the environment with chipboard. After this change, you should add a large mirror with a chipboard border in order to increase the sunlight. You should not forget to increase the artificial lighting as well.


Hollow core wood (tubular wood) is another name for tubular chipboard (hollow chipboard). Hollow core wood (tubular wood) is also used inside wooden interior doors for filling material.

We are solid chipboard sheets suppliers (core board suppliers). We are located in Turkey

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the email address below.

Please feel free to contact us.



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