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Why The Excellent Hollow Core Chipboard Market Grow

Hollow chipboard is the main part of wooden interior doors. We use door frames, honeycomb craft paper, and door skins for the production of wooden interior doors. , Also we can use hollow particle board and particle board in the production process.

Besides, we have to use MDF board for both sides of the doors. The hollow core chipboard market is growing day by day. There are new chipboard supplier producers entering the market.  Our actual chipboard manufacturers increase production capacity by installing new machines. And the yearly production capacity of hollow core board and particle board is increasing day by day. But there’s no surplus production in the world. Because consumers increase usage of hollow core chipboard. Because of this, demand for hollow core boards increases.  Besides demand for particle board is also increasing.

Generally, customers demand 16 mm particle board with size1220x2440 mm. And also there is a big demand for a 44 mm particle board. So we try to reach all these demands and try to produce more products day by day.

Regarding the demand for hollow particle board, customers generally demand 24 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 33mm, 35mm, 38 mm with sizes 1180x 2090mm. We generally sell the size 1250mmx2050mm. But we can produce different sizes of hollow chipboard.

Why Market Size Is Growing For Particle Board

Particle board has a very wide range of usage areas. Because of this, every year consumers prefer particle board instead of solid wood. Solid wood cost is always higher than hollow chipboard. It is difficult to have big sizes of boards with solid wood. We have to bind solid woods and glued them. This process increases the cost of the product. Also, it consumes too much time.

But we can produce any size of particle board which market demands but of course depends on the ability of machine.

Particle boards are mostly used by furniture manufacturers. Sometimes door manufacturer uses particle boards. Particle board gains too much time to furniture producers.

Why Hollow Chipboard Market Grows

Tubular boards are used inside wooden interior doors as filling materials. Hollow chipboard prices are going down day by day. Because of increasing production capacity and new production techniques. Because of these, wooden interior door manufacturers prefer to use hollow chipboard. Tubular chipboard cost is lower than solid woods. They are very light to carry. They are very easy to install. Hollow particle board fire-retardant features. Fire retardant tubular particleboard core wood keeps fire outside for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Some customers demand fire retardant hollow core boards. During the production of fire-rated tubular core doors, we have to choose the correct seals which are durable against fire.

Particle board is also called solid chipboard or fiberboard. Chipboard manufacturer (Fiberboard manufacturer) is produced fiberboard as engineered wood. We have to mix wax and resin or glue with wood chips. Then press with high pressure and heat. This process will produce solid chipboard.

How Can We Find Chipboard Sheets Suppliers?

There are few chipboard sheets manufacturers in Turkey. We are one of the biggest factories for hollow chipboard and particle board. Also we are chipboard distributor company in Turkey. Chipboard sheets suppliers are generally producing particle board but do not produce hollow core wood.

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