hollow chipboard

Why Should We Prefer Hollow Board Wood?

What is Hollow Chipboard?

Hollow core chipboard (hollow particle board)  is used as a filling material in wooden interior doors. Hollow particle board (hollow core chipboard) are solid chipboard with tube holes inside of boards. Hollow core wood boards are lighter than solid woods. Hollow core board’s (tubular chipboard) costs are lower.

hollow chipboard
Hollow Chipboard

Why Should We Prefer Hollow Board Wood?

Wooden interior doors are among the most preferred doors by consumers. Wooden doors are healthy and decorative. They add quality to the environments where wooden doors are located.

But, wooden door costs are very high today. One of the reasons for this comes from the difficulty of producing wooden doors.

Wooden doors are created by gluing thinly cut wooden boards side by side. Solid wood boards are very expensive. Forests are damaged by cutting down trees. Thus, it is necessary to provide controlled tree cutting. Controlled cut trees are not enough to meet today’s demand. This is why tree costs are so high

Besides, it is difficult and laborious to get wooden plates. Large raw logs are cut to certain thicknesses. Their length and thickness are brought to a certain size. A large amount of waste is given during these processes.

hollow core chipboard
Hollow Core Chipboard

Then solid wooden boards are attached side by side and glued. The wooden board is supported with nails so that it does not fall apart. This is a process with a lot of manpower. Even with the high-tech machines, we use today, it is a process that takes a lot of time and requires manpower. Of course, it was much more difficult to do the same process in the years before electrical appliances were invented.

What Are The Features Of Hollow Chipboard?

hollow core board
Hollow Core Board

Hollow core chipboard is boards obtained by bonding wood chips under heat treatment. Wood chips are made up of unused pieces of wood. Or it consists of wastage that occurs when processing wooden logs. For this reason, we actually check the pieces of wood that will not be used. Wood chips are mixed with glue after certain processing. Plates are formed under high pressure and temperature.


hollow core particle board
Hollow Core Particle Board

The great advantage of hollow core wood boards and other wooden boards like solid chipboards and MDF boards are in the desired size. It is possible to produce plates in the width and length required by the sector. In this way, we bring the waste rate to the minimum level.

Also, the hollow core board sizes produced are made in accordance with the truck and container dimensions. Thus, by transporting the greatest possible amount of products at once, we reduce the freight cost.

Hollow board wood plates have tube holes from one end to the other. Thanks to these holes, hollow chipboard are lighter than wooden boards. Hollow core chipboard has lower costs. Because much less material is used during production. Hollow particle boards are easy to transport and install because they are light. The lightness of the doors used in the houses also reduces the amount of load on the construction.

hollow core particle board
Hollow Core Particle Board

Besides, the door frames, on which wooden doors are mounted, are provided to carry the door more easily.

MDF board or HDF board is placed on the outside of the wooden doors produced with hollow core wood. We can paint and shape these plates the way we want. In this way, decorative doors compatible with the environment are produced.


We define decoration as the act of decorating the living space and making it the most efficient for use. It is truly a work of art to make the spaces we spend time in aesthetically pleasing. Especially if this area we live in is our house, then the decoration work becomes even more important. Where you eat, spend time with your family, watch TV, host your loved ones, sleep, etc. innovation and order in an area are a must. Now let’s examine what are the tricks of home decoration.


The biggest problem in home decoration is the houses with a narrow areas. Homeowners often complain about the narrowness of the house. For the solution to this situation, the right item selection and the right design are of great importance. Of course, while doing this, it is as important as decoration for us to be comfortable, peaceful, free, and happy in our own home.

In fact, the purpose of decoration is not only a stylish look in the house but also a stylish look and a stylish as well as a useful space. While paying attention to this, a design that is useful in every aspect should be realized. For this, the first step is to throw unnecessary items out of the door while keeping the items we most need at home.

In this way, you will make your home more comfortable with this move. The choice of furniture according to the size and smallness of the rooms is very important. For example, if the kitchen is narrow, we should choose folding tables and chairs. We both expand the area and meet our needs. Likewise, the items we will use in our room should be ergonomic and multi-purpose items.

In this way, we both meet our needs and expand the field. Let’s come to the area where we will spend time and host guests. Living room design is very important. The furniture and colors you will use will reflect your taste. At the same time, it will provide you with spacious and aesthetic space.

In the selection of furniture produced with hollow core chipboard, you can choose chipboard because it is both economical and useful. We will have to choose a chandelier to complement the furniture. Choosing the most beautiful chandelier suitable for home decoration will do our job. If the rooms are small, what tricks can we use apart from the selection of furniture?

For example, dark floors should be used in narrow living rooms, kitchens, and rooms. In this way, you will get a more spacious look. It really is that simple. With small touches, you can make your living place a spacious and useful place. Of course, it is useful to get help from professionals in this regard. You should make the right choices for a peaceful and spacious home.

Reflect on your taste and feel happy. Remember, the smallness or size of the house is not an obstacle to getting your dream house. Turning your living place into a paradise is about your right choices. It should not be forgotten that the right furniture and the right decoration mean a spacious and spacious house, and these tricks should be taken into account in decoration.

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