chipboard sheets suppliers

Solid Chipboard Manufacturers In Turkey

We are chipboard sheets suppliers (particle board suppliers). We are chipboard sheets manufacturers (particle board manufacturers). We are also tubular chipboard manufacturer and MDF board manufacturer.

chipboard sheets manufacturers
Chipboard Sheets Manufacturers

Solid chipboard is a type of board that is often used in the furniture industry today. Solid chipboards produced as an alternative to wood lumber are plates that are easy to cut and install, can take shape easily and also have economic characteristics, never change shape. Solid chipboard is also called particle board.

It is produced by various heat treatment and pressing by binding wood chips together with synthetic resin. Due to the solid chipboard process, this material is given the property of resistance against humid and wet environments, which makes it not easily deformed when it comes into contact with water and moisture and maintains its quality for many years.

What Are The Features Of Solid Chipboard

chipboard sheets suppliers
chipboard sheets suppliers

Solid Chipboards or particle board has both plus and minus aspects. Solid chipboard, which has different characteristics depending on the area of use, is the lowest priced furniture materials sold in the market in terms of cost. For particle board, this feature is the most important plus because it is costly compared to other man-made materials such as plywood, mdf, natural wood and so on. In fact, among those who factor in the price of the solid chipboard, the first place is the durability feature that is subsequently acquired on the particle chipboard.

For example; when a property such as fire or water resistance is added, the price of hardboard will naturally increase. The thickness and density of the particle board affect its price. One of the plus aspects of chipboard is that it is light.

Because it is produced at a low density compared to similar products, its weight is very light and it is among the easy-to-use materials. Especially in the furniture sector, material production time with fiberboard passes quickly and easily.

What Are Negative Features Of Solid Chipboards

 Solid Chipboard is among the materials with low durability while it does not undergo any treatment. In order to be resistant to water, moisture or fire, the chipboard process during chipboard construction is the most important excess of chipboard construction. Particle board is a light and low density material, and when solid chipboard is not made against water, its moisture resistance is low

How Solid Chipboards Produce

How solid chipboards are produces; by compressing wooden chip pieces, which are a must-have material of the furniture sector. Particle board, which passes through a series of productions, is removed from the raw material of the chipboard with a process called chipping. For this, pieces of wood are milled in small sizes.

The second stage of chipboard production is the compression and bonding process by properly assembling the resulting chip pieces together. In the compression and bonding process, the chip particles must have a certain humidity. Chip particles that reach the required humidity are attached to each other with synthetic resin and glued together, the necessary process is performed to take the top of it into a smooth shape.

Finally, in order to form the thickness of the chipboard, the pressing process is performed and the particles are compressed. Both surfaces of the chipboard are sanded and cut in different sizes and shapes according to the need and made ready for use.


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