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We are manufacturer and exporter of tubular chipboard (hollow core boards). Our factory is located in Turkey. Tubular chipboard has wide range of usage area.

While decorating the bed room, the most practical ways to add color layer and temperature in the room is to use as wallpaper. The history of wallpaper is not too much,  only hundred years back. Wallpaper has always managed to come up as a decoration factor. Wallpaper is being particularly applicable today easy to be moisture-resistant, breathing to keep dirt and is preferred for its long life.

In order to use small bedrooms efficiently, we have to organize furniture and accessories carefully. We can built some special small furnitures from tubular chipboards to organize books and magazines. Also we can built smart and small bookshelf from hollow chipboard (tubular chipboard). This help us to organize books.

tubular chipboard

10 ways to color the walls of the bedroom:

Wallpaper is mostly used during organizing bedrooms wall where the headboards. Because it is the center as a focal point in the bedroom it would be more appropriate to select this section.

Bedroom walls can be colored, but it is more appropriate not to be more energetic. Because bedrooom is selected for sleeping and rest. More energetic cause it to lose the soothing properties of the room. Accordingly, the bedroom walls are all tiled with a wall not only a remarkable wallpaper. Of course this is not necessarily the only way to the wall so you do not have to limit yourself. If there is a more appropriate wallpaper in the corner of the room according to your style by decorating your head and you can cover with this part of the wallpaper.

It should be noted that the bedroom wall colors has an effect on the entire bedroom décor. Because the selected objects must be compatible with the color of the bedroom walls. For example, if a bedroom with red walls and bed linen and accessories to choose red room will make gloomy.

Walls must be of soothing colors. Depending on wall color, bedroom accessories, bed linen and curtains can be selected. Simple colors always increases the bedroom calmness. If you enjoy the quiet bedroom, you can choose pastel colors like beige, cream, gray, powder blue. You can paint your walls red bedroom for a romantic and passionate. Also bedroom red red blood circulation may be particularly desirable because it promotes.

If you like wallpapers, you can choose patterns from  with quite fashionable in recent years. In particular pattern model will provide a different atmosphere room. As well as pre-draw manner which will be an indication of gold. Classic patterns, modern designs, which country would you prefer your style romantic items out if appropriate. Another point you should be careful when choosing colors for the walls is the size of the bedroom. Some colors show broader than the space. Unlikely some colors that may show room is smaller and more gloomy. If your bedroom is small, you should prefer lighter colors. Light color indicates light and shows the room wider. Green, blue, lilac, coffee, the light shades and pastel shades of colors such as yellow is one of the most appropriate color can be used for small bedroom walls.

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