Using Yellow Color In Decoration


The yellow color is,  the color of sun, energy and communication. It is quite an ambitious color. Halls, kids room, kitchens and bedrooms are one of the most ideal places which yellow color can be used. This colors may be preferred in wooden interior doors.

How can we decorated with yellow color? How can it be combined with other colors in the decoration of the places we wanted to do? We will give you a few decorating idea about how we should use the color while decorating your home.

If you have a black-and-white floor, you can paint your walls with light pastel yellow colors. Thus, you will create contrast. If a part of the furniture is red wine color, harmony capture possible.


Is you hall is a place full import of light? Or going dark because the windows did not large enough? In these cases, you can make sure your room will be brighter when using the yellow color. However, instead of using the yellow color on each side, it is sufficient to use only on walls. Sometimes you can also choose interior wooden doors in yellow color. Or you may choose the color of the walls in the form of painted gray smoke sitting as yellow. I lit room then you will drown.


Yellow color provides a great fit, especially with wicker furniture in the cottage. The yellow garden decoration is the right choice. With green color, you can capture using the white color harmony, you can integrate it with wicker furniture decoration.

Yellow collor evokes  summer days, joy and energy. Decoration of the bedroom may be preferred.  Yellow color, which you can combine with the colors of baby blue in 2016.

For those who prefer the living room wall color is yellow, we will have a proposal. Table which hang on the wall, you can choose the part of frames such as white or dark blue color. Thus, the table or images can make more remarkable..

You can use the secondary color instead of using yellow as a whole. For example, instead of sofa sets, sofa sets of cushions or mattresses may be preferred in yellow. Ocher or white, especially if you have a room or living room can design a backdrop of yellow again.

Yellow color is one of the main colors in decoration sector. People may prefer to use it as a secondary color or main color. But both is acceptable.

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