particle board suppliers

Particle Board Suppliers

We are particle board suppliers (solid chipboard sheets suppliers). We are chipboard sheets manufacturers. We are located in Turkey. Our chipboard sheets sizes are;

Thickness: 30mm, 33m, 35mm, 38mm

Width: 1250mm

Length: 2000mm to 2150mm

Particle Board Suppliers (Solid Chipboard Sheets Suppliers)

particle board suppliers
Particle Board Suppliers

We are particle board suppliers company. We are manufacturing particle boards. We are wholesaling and exporting our particle boards products.

Solid chipboard sheets materias are mostly using in very common area. It is the material using in the furniture industry today. Wood chips bounds together with resin. Special adhesive materials uses for this. It heats to various degrees. The bonding process takes place. Finally, it presses with high pressure machines. It produces in desired sizes.

chipboard sheets suppliers
Chipboard Sheets Suppliers

Solid chipboard sheets are not easy to make. Professional work is required for this. In addition, these products are very sensitive. It must be resistant to heat. Do not stand for a long time in a humid environment. Humidity and airless environments cause the solid chipboard sheets to rot. Maintenance is required under the necessary conditions. However, its easy use and financial suitability make the use of solid chipboard sheets widespread.

Soliid chipboard sheets finds space in the furniture industry. In this way, you can see that solid chipboard sheets (particle board) are used in the construction of furniture.

Solid Chipboard Sheets

chipboard manufacturers usa
Chipboard Manufacturers Usa

Solid Chipboard sheets formation is called the use of wood chips for their intended purpose by going through a series of processes before turning into chipboard.

It is formed by compressing the chip pieces. It goes through the process of kneading with many glue and getting the desired consistency until it comes to the compression process. Each level requires a special attention. Bonding and compression processes are jobs that require professionalism in chipboard sheets (particle board) making.

chipboard sheets manufacturers
Chipboard Sheets Manufacturers

Although the bonding, compression and pressing stages are carried out under suitable conditions one by one, there are many more ongoing stages. It is kept at a certain temperature and dried. Here, the damp sawdust is allowed to dry so that it comes out as a chipboard sheets. Thickness can be adjusted at the desired rate.

In order for the chipboard to be suitable for its intended use, it must have a flat structure. Sanding is done to create flat chipboard sheets. The sanding action is applied to both surfaces. Chipboard has no front surface or back surface. The same smoothness should be obtained from both angles.

Particle Board Suppliers
Particle Board Suppliers

Chipboard has a low cost. In this way, the customer has the opportunity to buy affordable furniture.

Regardless of the thickness or density of the chipboard, it preffes as a light product. It is more useful and lighter than natural wood products. This is ideal for those who do not want heavy furniture.

Particle Boards Finds Easy Use.

particle board suppliers
Particle Board Suppliers

Chipboard sheets (particle boards) uses in all furniture processes in the furniture industry.

Since it is very easy to process on chipboard, it is also preferred on a sectoral basis.

Moisture and wetness are not good for chipboard sheets. It causes easy dissolution. It causes internal rotting, such as rapid fragmentation and breakage, crumbling. Humidity is also not good for human health. For this reason, you will find an easy to use area when you keep your chipboard panels away from intense humidity environments.

solid chipboard prices
Solid Chipboard Prices

Our company provides the production of chipboard sheets (particle boards) for you. You can choose reliable products with affordable price options. You can instantly create an easy order through these products in your chipboard plate preferences. It is possible to produce chipboard panels in desired density and dimensions. As a result of professional service, you can find reliable chipboard products in this area.

Our company is particle board suppliers (solid chipboard sheets suppliers). We are located in Turkey.
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