chipboard sheets suppliers

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We are solid chipboard sheets suppliers (particle board suppliers). We are located in Turkey. We are also tubular chipboard suppliers (hollow core chipboard supplier). We are located in Turkey.

chipboard sheets suppliers
Chipboard Sheets suppliers

We are one of the biggest solid chipboard sheets suppliers (solid chipboard sheets manufacturers) in Turkey. Our quality is E1 grade and our service is high quality. We are exporting our particle boards sheets (solid chipboard sheets) to all over the worlds.

Despite the rapid population growth experienced today, the importance of decoration has increased with the decrease in living spaces. Houses have shrunk so that the space for large families has narrowed. It has become difficult to fit items into narrow spaces. However, with the right decor products, it has become possible to maintain a quality life in a small space.

Decoration taste is affected by culture, climate and geography of the living area. Before starting the decoration, it is determined what the existing space will be used for. Is your space a kitchen, lounge, living room, etc.? will be determined. Then, suitable items for the room are selected. Foldable, multifunctional items are preferred for space saving.

Mirrors are used on the walls in order to create the perception that the space is large. The mirror adds depth and light to the room. More economical solutions are found with DIY (do it yourself), which has become fashionable recently. You can also meet your needs with your own taste.

The materials from which the items are made are as important as using the space effectively. In general, wood is used to give the house a warm look. In the application stages of wooden furniture decoration materials, there are wood carvings, wrought iron wrought iron, stainless accessories, various adhesives, carved or crown profiles, natural colorants and protective varnishes.

The production of wooden furniture materials in woodworking benches with computer-based machines is making very rapid progress. During the period, design and modeling gains great importance with production. Wooden furniture decoration is an application that requires both integrity and usefulness in design.

Regardless of the decoration environment, the important point is to combine designs and designs that are suitable for personal tastes and the width of the space.

Your wooden furniture comes across as products that are used in almost every home. Wood is a very preferred material type in table, showcase, console or countertop selections. You can create beautiful and useful decorations in your homes with your choice of MDF, plywood, solid chipboard, MDF and solid wood.

The first material that comes to mind in making wooden goods is chipboard. It is a plate obtained by pressing wood sawdust and fibers by mixing them with certain chemical binders. Craftsmanship is very good and easy in furniture using solid chipboard.

In addition, the solid chipboard technique is also useful for those who carry a lot. It offers easy assembly and installation. Since the solid chipboard material is easy to reach, the price is also affordable. However, particle board cracks in a short time when exposed to water and moisture, so they are not preferred in kitchens and bathrooms.

Food cooked in the kitchen releases moisture to the environment, thus causing the chipboard to deform easily. Apart from particle board, MDF and wood materials can also be used in furniture. MDF; It is a composite wood material produced artificially by engineering. It is more durable than chipboard. It is longer lasting.

Natural real furniture material is wood. The word massive is used for wooden sections in furniture. In fact, the reason for using solid wood is its strength and it is used in carrier sections. However, events such as warping over time occur in natural wood.

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