chipboard sheets suppliers

How Do We Manufacture Particle Boards Sheets

We are Chipboard Sheets Suppliers (particle boards suppliers). We are chipboard manufacturers and exporter company located in Turkey. We are one of the biggest chipboard sheets suppliers in our country. Our products are high quality and prices are competitive. We are also manufacturer and wholesaler of tubular chipboard (hollow particle board)

chipboard sheets suppliers
chipboard sheets suppliers

Whats Are Sizes of Solid chipboard sheets (particle board)

Sizes of Particle boards sheets we manufacture is as below.


  • 30mm particle board
  • 33mm particle board
  • 35mm particle board
  • 38mm particle board
  • 60mm particle board

Width: 1250mm

Lenght: Between 1500mm to 2500mm

Sizes of Sizes of hollow particle board sheets.

hollow core particle board
hollow core particle board

Sizes of hollow particle boards sheets we manufacture is as below.


  • 30mm particle board
  • 33mm particle board
  • 35mm particle board
  • 38mm particle board
  • 60mm particle board

Width: 1250mm

Lenght: Between 1500mm to 2500mm

What Do We Need To Know About Solid Chipboard?

Please find below all the things we need to know about chipboard. It is the plate obtained as a result of pressing wood sawdust with a certain chemical mixers. The word chipboard was formed by the combination of the word artificial-wood.

Certain standards are produced in various thicknesses. It is not water resistant. But some type of solid chipboard sheets and hollow particle boards sheets are fire retardant for specific time periods like 30min or 60min. It is produced in various qualities and the impact resistance varies according to the quality.

Solid Chipboard sheets (particle boards) is the name given to the plates that are formed as a result of pressing wood particles of different sizes with special mixture adhesives with high technology pressing machines.

What Are The Features Of Particle Boards Sheets

  • Particle Chipboard is more economical than wood.
  • Particle board has ease of use.
  • Solid chipboard is easy to install
  • It provides the opportunity to work with one piece large plates.
  • Particle Chipboards can be laminated and come in different patterns
  • It is easy to screw
  • It does not burn easily, does not scratch and does not get wet.

Where can solid chipboard be used.

  • In furniture production,
  • In a few straight-line applications,
  • Paneling on floors, ceilings and walls,
  • In the protection of fragile products such as glass,
  • In packaging,
  • In skeletal applications,
  • In the cabinets,
  • In furniture production
  • They are used in many areas for the purpose.

Solid Chipboard Sheet (Particle Board Sheets)

First of all, the word chipboard is the equivalent of particleboard.

  Pricing of chipboard may vary according to its dimensions and thickness. Let’s take a look together:

We can not say anything about the prices of our products. Because prices are always changing depending on economical conditions of our country and also all over the world. We try to do our best to offer the best price with the highest quality. Our goal and the most important thing for us our customer satisfaction.

For more details about prices please contact with us.

When purchasing the chipboard, the shipping fee belongs to us, the buyers, within the prepayment.

How Do We Produce Particle Chipboard?

First of all, it is the case that specially manufactured trees are broken into small pieces in special machines and stored in two different classes according to their size. At the same time, the chips present in the lower and upper layers are dried together until the humidity value is desired. Afterwards, these parts are mixed with glue and chemicals that provide bonding to each other. Chemicals and adhesives can be used, all of which are for a separate class.

Chipboard is applied either in various surface applications or by holding its raw material. Particleboard is made of Melamine, plastic paper, veneer and laminate. Fire-based mechanical properties are also required.

In terms of usage; They are products that are easy to clean, do not fade, are cheap and perfectly structured. It is produced with technology.

Available in a short time.

Chipboard boards consist of boards obtained when the dried chips of lignified or wood vegetable raw materials are adhered and arranged under pressure and temperature with synthetic resin glues.

In order for the chipboard boards to be reused, the boards must be dry and solid.

Since particle boards are natural wood, they are taken to the landfill and incinerated, and are destroyed by heat above 800 C with wooden materials. particle boards were found suitable as 15-18 mm skeleton structures for furniture.

We are particle board factory in Turkey.

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