Tubular chipboard for furnitures


Sometimes simple decoration with tubular chipboard is better than expensive ones. If you look carefully on it, you can see artificial mastership in details more than luxury scenes.

If you have a big garden front of your home, you have very big chance to relax. You can spend good time by meeting with your friends and feeling happy. Because of this, decorating of outdoor is  as important as decorating of our bedroom and dining room. Any garden which likes rubbish dump, inert, bad decorated will not give these feelings to the people.

tubular chipboard
tubular chipboard


hollow chipboard
hollow chipboard

The most important step for decorating of a garden is landscaping. Well designed landscaping always positively appeals to the eye. If you select right flowers and plants which can live in your region, the life time of garden will be longer and cost of garden will be lower. You will save money and time by using same flower and plants all year long.
The second step of gardening is selection garden furnitures and garden accessories. First of all, we have to make a plan about landscaping and details of garden furnitures. What kind of garden do you want to have? Will you spend time on winter or only use the garden in summer time. Do we have children? These kind of questions need to have correect answers. If we don’t make a plan, after spending thousands of dollars, and spending long time. The result may unfortunately not satisfied.


tubular chipboard
tubular chipboard

We can produce our garden  furniture by different materials. We can use iron, wood, plastic and aluminium. Mostly people prefer to use hard wood for garden furnitures.
During last 10 years, people prefer to use a new product for garden furniture. This material is tubular chipboard. The hollow chipboard is a kind of wood made from very small pieces of woods, which glued and pressed with high pressure. Tubular chipboard has tube holes inside itself. Hollow chipboard is lighter than hard wood. It is easier to cut, install and giving shape. The cost and price of tubular chipboard is lower than hard wood. So some people produce their garden furnitures from tubular chipboard.

They are also using it inside of wooden interior doors. Some people prefer to use aluminium for garden furnitures. Aluminium is lighter than iron. And aluminium is strong enough to use in garden. Besides aluminium is stainless. If you keep your furniture on garden, rain and high moisture will rust the iron. As a result people are prefering aluminium products.

Finally we have to make a plan for gardenin. Have to decide what kind of garden do we need? Also we have to decide which material we can use for garden furnitures and accessories.
Tubular chipboard and aluminium is lighter and cheaper materials than hard woods and iron.


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